• Neujahrswünsche

    Einfach die Liste durch laufen lassen… Eine Weihnachtsansprache von Oliver Kalkofe One Diagram Explains Every Conspiracy Against Donald Trump   (Diagram starts at 5 minutes 🙂 and…….This Diagram Explains Trump’s Response To Orlando    (Diagram starts at 5:30 minutes 🙂

  • You should be dancing

    Don´t You Worry ´Bout a Thing – Jacob Collier Pure Imagination – Jacob Collier       alternative music choices: http://annamatheja.de/herberts-songs/ http://annamatheja.de/mays-songs/     previously:  may my shoulders protect me part 4

  • May´s Songs

    Isn’t She Lovely – Jacob Collier SYLVESTER – YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MIGHTY REAL) A: So are these songs about how I feel about you? Or songs you would pick because you like them? M: They are songs I would pick because I like how they make you feel about me. A: So what´s your thing? M: …

  • Herbert´s Songs

    SYLVESTER – YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MIGHTY REAL) A: So I guess for you goes the same as for May? H: Are you kidding me?! This is about YOU! I mean, about ME! I mean, about US! Surviving! Against all the OTHERS! All the stuff that makes you MAD! A: So it is kind of the same. …

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