Anna Matheja
Currently a student of Psychology at UP;
employed as research assistant at the University of Potsdam (Motor Cognition)

Illustrator  /  Grafic Narrator  /  Visualist


some thoughts:

Interdependence is more valuable than independence; note that there can be no interaction without individual borders. Symbiosis is not a form of interdependence in my view, but a merging of two entities incapable of bearing their inherent loneliness. Said loneliness can, rather than being viewed as a cross to bear, be perceived as the basic requirement for interest / curiosity / multiple points of view on an elusive reality none of us will ever be able to grasp on their own.

wonder allows us to feel awe without dread.

Perception is as challenging as it is enjoyable.

Avoiding suffering is comfortable, but fruitless.

New mistakes are better than old mistakes.

Old mistakes like to dress up as new ones, but we ourselves give them the costumes.

Physics are as philosophical as philosophy is physical.

Math is elegant.


anna matheja psychological illustrations xmas



The value of interdisciplinary work & interests imbues everyone
particularly those of us working in the medical field and sciences
with the obligation to know your limitations.

Illustrated here by negative example:



on entering the world of scientific research
(no, it´s not like that everywhere. But there are those moments.) :

more mind food:

Alfred Nort Whitehead: Science and the Modern World

Some Podcasts


Admired / Adored / Recommended Artists:

watch. every. thing. by. Don. Hertzfeld. (you can find everything on youtube. everything is handmade)
good start to get a feel for his amazing timing:
wisdom teeth
(its not meant to be in english. all other movies are 🙂 )

my favourite movie by him: the meaning of life

Tales Of Mere Existance: 19 reasons why i don´t have a smartphone    How to break up with your girlfriend

and there´s more. joy!


May´s Songs

Herbert´s Songs


Thank you for your interest 🙂

Have a lovely day.

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