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There needs to be more diversity in science.
There needs to be more science in politics.
There needs to be more science in social interaction.
Because science & diversity are what can save us from despair, precisely by not offering one simple answer, but by offering participation in facing the very complex demands of life. All too often, conflict is sustained by destroying all possibilities to learn. The less you know, the more succeptable you are. Education enables independence. Independence enables contact.
The tales we tell each other merge & shape the narratives of our existance. Diversify your collection of tales.


And keep in mind the difference between empathy and compassion (The latter doesn´t make you racist. The former most likely will.).


Wanna become a part of the solution and help invesigate the President by taking a look into his papers?

The Center for Public Integrity

Independent News (no ads, no corporate contribution) :

The Intercept


Cutural Reflection in motion:

Totally And Royally Fucked Up:
Matt Tabbi´s TARFU Report

The Center for Investigative Reporting shares current investigations:

How America (and maybe you?) got so scared:
The United States of Anxiety

How does a constitution work?
What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Why are stories told the way they are (plus a bit of confrontation and a lot of fact checking):
On The Media

Storytelling (well, sort of) on the trouble with and treatment of veterans:

It takes a smart person to keep it simple:
No Jargon – Scholars Strategy Network



If you haven´t listened to podcasts before, START HERE (a revelation):

These invisible rules shaping our surroundings:
99% invisible

Fact-checking in the name of science:
Science Vs.

Something on everything:
The TED Radio Hour

An opinionated atheist Neuroscientist:
Sam Harris: Waking Up

Psychology meets sociology meets 2 (2nd season: 3) curious women:
Invisibilia by NPR

You think about the internet? You haven´t even started. And what a laugh:
Reply All

The implications and workings of business(es) and the people involved in & by them:
Start Up

Experienced professionals advising on how to become and what to look out for when being a trauma therapist:
the traumatherapist project



Crimes you most certainly haven´t heard from. Anything from serial killer nurses to illegally brewed beverages:
Criminal by NPR

…and a town, where – oh my GOD……!





Love + Radio by Radiotopia


This American Life by NPR

The Memory Palace

Personal Stories told live:

the moth


Keep asking:

Bill Hicks



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